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Clear expectations make everything better

As a cheerleader, do you ever feel like your coach isn’t happy with you or the team, but you’re not sure why or what to do about it? As a coach, are there things your squad keeps doing that drive…
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The secret to great stunting

A few years ago at college nationals, another coach asked me how we got our KU girls to stunt so clean. I’d seen his team’s routine, and they threw some great stuff, but he was right that even though they…
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Better coaching in two words

When giving skill instruction, I believe explaining the ‘why’ helps kids learn to self-assess their technique, which gives them more opportunity for learning in the future. But there’s not always time for explanations at practice (and especially games and comp…
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Unbelievably surprising progress

Gideon Ariel ran a study where a group of men lifted weights for 7 weeks, which increased their max squat by 6 pounds. Then, Gideon told them he’d give them steroids for their next 4 weeks of lifting. During those…
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How to Hit

At the 2015¬†UCA College Nationals, KU (the squad that my wife and I coached) was one of only a few Div1A Large Coed teams with a zero-deduction hit in finals. And it felt GOOD!!! LOL. But why did 18 teams…
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