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Unbelievably surprising progress

Gideon Ariel ran a study where a group of men lifted weights for 7 weeks, which increased their max squat by 6 pounds. Then, Gideon told them he’d give them steroids for their next 4 weeks of lifting. During those 4 weeks, they increased their max squat by 42 pounds!

But what’s so surprising is…they weren’t given steroids at all. They thought they were, but Gideon actually gave them a placebo (ie, fake medicine that does nothing).

So what does this mean for us cheerleaders? It shows the incredible power of the mind. Those weightlifters literally made 10 times as much progress simply because they believed they would.

What would happen if you truly believed and expected you’d get that skill you’re working on at the next practice, rather than in a few weeks or months? What if you could practice and perform with no doubts and 100% confidence that you’d be successful? Could you progress 10 times faster? Learn an arabian step-out in one day? Never drop in a routine?¬†Give it a try and let me know how it goes! #believe

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