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Better coaching in two words

When giving skill instruction, I believe explaining the ‘why’ helps kids learn to self-assess their technique, which gives them more opportunity for learning in the future.

But there’s not always time for explanations at practice (and especially games and comp warm-ups), so I’ve also found benefits in the other extreme, which I’d call “2-word instruction.” For example:

  • Set longer!
  • Bellies touching!
  • Soft legs, tight arms (a combo! 🙂 )
  • Lines vertical!

It’s a WHAT HOW pattern — WHAT body or skill part you’re commenting on, and HOW to change it. The benefits are that it:

  • Saves time (it’s very quick)
  • Easy to yell (not that any of you would EVER yell at your squad 🙂 )
  • Simple for an athlete to understand
  • Easy for an athlete to remember later

So if you’re not already sprinkling in this method, try it and comment below on how it works for you. Good luck!

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