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College Cheerleading Scholarships & Info

High school or Juco cheerleaders: send your recruit info to college coaches (free!), then scroll down to compare schools and college cheerleading scholarships, or read how to make a college cheer team. College cheer coaches: Add your squad or email me any corrections.

"I sent my info to coaches and got several replies. I accepted one and am now cheering on scholarship!"

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Do college cheerleaders get scholarships?

Choosing a college and finding cheer scholarships can be hard, so I (Corey Stone, Cheermoji founder and former college cheer coach) made this easy way to compare your options. Here's what the icons mean:

Cheer scholarships

Each schools approx. average cheer scholarship is shown in moneybags. So, eg, if seniors get $4,000/year and freshman get none, then $2,000 would be shown. Ask the coach for exact details.

  • 0 moneybags=  No cheer scholarships
  • 1 moneybag= ~$500/yr
  • 2 moneybags= ~$1,000/yr
  • 3 moneybags= ~$2,000/yr
  • 4 moneybags= ~$4,000/yr
  • 5 moneybags= ~$6,000/yr
  • 6 moneybags= ~$8,000+/yr

Game-day experience

Basketball and football icons show the game-day atmosphere based on average fan attendance as % of capacity, adjusted for venue size (eg, a sold-out 15,000-seat arena rates higher than a sold-out 2,000-seat arena). Ratings are roughly:

  • 1 basketball= Lots of empty seats :(
  • 2 basketballs= Avg ~60% full
  • 3 basketballs= Avg ~70% full
  • 4 basketballs= Pretty good games!
  • 5 basketballs= Getting crazy
  • 6 basketballs= Life-changing :)

Ditto for football, but if no footballs are shown at all, then they don't have a football team.

Tryout Difficulty

How competitive a college's tryout is can't be described with one icon, but I tried anyway! So take these with a big grain of salt, and remember many factors go into whether someone makes a team or not.

  • Green circle = Easier (BHS+, some stunting)
  • Blue rectangle = Moderate (Tucks+, okay stunting)
  • Black diamond = Harder (Fulls or layouts, stunt pretty well)
  • Double black diamond = Hardest (Fulls+, stunt well)

College cheer advice

Before you pick a college, visit to see the town, cheer squad chemistry, and the cheer coach's style. And most important: academics, which I didn't list rankings for because a) undergrad rankings are tricky, and b) academic quality in a school can vary by major (eg, their Engineering major is good, but their Education major is not).

I also didn't list costs, because due to academic scholarships and Financial Aid (which all seniors should apply for by March 1), you often don't end up paying the listed cost. Try College Scorecard for unbiased info on academics, admissions, and costs.

Email me at if you see any problems. Thanks!

Questions or ideas?

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Hi I'm Corey Stone, creator of Cheermoji, MixPlay, HERO Keyboard, and former @KUcheer coach. If you have any suggestions, ideas of cheer stuff you'd like me to make, or if you just need to vent, email me at Thanks!