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Cheermoji Ambassadors

Hello! Corey the Cheermoji founder here to say we're starting an Ambassador program where a select group of cheerleaders can help spread the word about Cheermoji, and get some free stuff to help you do so!

Ambassador Requirements

I'm looking for cheerleaders who:

  • Have 1500+ Instagram and/or Twitter followers
  • Are at least 13 years old, or if younger, have a parent who helps with your account.
  • Has an account profile and prior posts that look like a good fit for Cheermoji.
  • Post from an iPhone or iPad, since most of my apps don't work on Android.

Ambassador Duties

It's easy:

  • Just post and tag a Cheermoji screenshot or content at least once a month on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Join the Cheermoji Brain Trust Fecebook group to give ideas on current and future Cheermoji stuff.
  • List that you're a "" ambassador in your bio.

Ambassador Benefits

You'll get:

  • Some Cheermoji iOS paid apps FREE when you post, such as Cheer Fury PRO, CheerKeys, and the original Cheermoji app.
  • You'll also get access to me (KU cheer coach for 11 years) for any cheer-related advice you need! :)

And not to get too legal on you, but I should point out that being an Ambassador does not make you an employee or affiliate of Cheermoji, nor would you receive any revenue from Cheermoji sales — it just means you're helping promote Cheermoji in exchange for the benefits listed above! :)

How to Apply

Just click below and complete the short form. If you seem like a good fit, I'll get back to you in a few days. Thanks!

Questions? Email me at

Questions or ideas?

Tiny photo of my head. :)

Hi I'm Corey Stone, creator of Cheermoji, MixPlay, HERO Keyboard, and former @KUcheer coach. If you have any suggestions, ideas of cheer stuff you'd like me to make, or if you just need to vent, email me at Thanks!