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I'm Corey Stone, designer and founder of Cheermoji. Before that, I cheered 4 years at the University of Kansas, asst. coached at U. of Iowa for 5 years (while getting a master's degree in Biomechanics / Exercise Science), then head coached KU from 2004-2015 with multiple top-5 finishes at UCA College Nationals (Div 1A Large Coed). In 2015, I retired from coaching (for now, at least), so I'm trying to make some fun and useful things for cheerleaders! Email me at if you ever need anything.

What if you could you learn skills faster?

For most cheerleaders, learning a new skill involves trying it and listening to the coach’s spoken instructions. It’s worked for years – it’s how I usually coached too – but it’s not the only way to learn, and it might…
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How to Hit

At the 2015¬†UCA College Nationals, KU (the squad that my wife and I coached) was one of only a few Div1A Large Coed teams with a zero-deduction hit in finals. And it felt GOOD!!! LOL. But why did 18 teams…
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