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Cheer Fury Cheerleading Game

Save the cheerleader! In Cheer Fury's first level, you're Sally, who dropped all her stunts so the crowd's throwing fruit at you! You'll have to unleash your fists of fury with sharp motions and high tucks to defend yourself. Other levels include:

  • Bri's level, where you'll experience the chaos of cheering a college volleyball game.
  • Leighton & Sandy's level, where Sandy distracted the QB so everyone's mad at her, throwing footballs, helmets, and drinks at them. Fortunately, Leighton's there to help. Leighton don't mess around. (And he's a great music mixer and choreographer, who we used at KU!)
  • José's level, where he's a tumbler at Stunt Fest on Daytona Beach. He'll need his mad spotting skillz to catch the girls and smash the coconuts without getting distracted by all the stunts, baskets, and of course, his phone.

I hope you like the game, and remember to turn up the sound.

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