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Build tiny stunts with the Cheermoji app.

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Ever wish there were cheer emojis? Turns out it's not possible to make custom emojis work anywhere like real emojis, so I did the best I could!

The Cheermoji iPhone/iPad® app includes buildable flyers and bases, facials, signs, poms, and more. And it's easy — just choose your icons in the app, then export or paste them as images into tweets, texts, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Sorry but the original Cheermoji app is no longer available, but just keeping this page around for old times' sake.


The Cheermoji app doesn't collect, record, or monitor your keystrokes, images, or personal information. Your secrets are safe! :)

Questions or ideas?

Tiny photo of my head. :)

Hi I'm Corey Stone, creator of Cheermoji, MixPlay, HERO Keyboard, and former @KUcheer coach. If you have any suggestions, ideas of cheer stuff you'd like me to make, or if you just need to vent, email me at Thanks!