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CheerKeys: The Cheerleading Keyboard

CheerKeys screenshots.

CheerKeys is the cheerleading keyboard that everyone's been waiting for! It lets you paste cheer-themed chat conversation sticker images into most chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and more. If an app doesn't allow image pasting (such as Twitter and Instagram), you can tap "Save to Photos," then import the image. Woot!

Your friends will love getting these cheery messages from you, and you won't have to type as much because the CheerKeys say it for you! Get it now on the App Store.

Get CheerKeys on the App Store

CheerKeys works on iPhones® and iPads® with iOS 8 or higher (sorry, no Android yet). CheerKeys requires you to allow "Full Access," but despite Apple's scary warning about it being able to record keystrokes, CheerKeys does not record or monitor any of your info, I swear! :)

How to install CheerKeys

After you purchase the app, open the Settings app then tap this super-secret sequence:

Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > CheerKeys > tap CheerKeys again > tap to Allow Full Access (don't worry - we won't record any of your data!)

Then whenever you're in an app that uses the regular keyboard, hold or tap the lower-left Globe icon and choose CheerKeys (just like switching to emoji view).

Privacy Policy

CheerKeys requires you to turn on "Full Access" so that its copy/paste function works. When you do, Apple pops up a scary warning, but rest assured that the Cheer Keys app does not collect, record, or monitor your keystrokes, images, or personal information. For the email list, your email address will be saved securely (via and not shared with anyone. Your secrets are safe with me!

Questions or ideas?

Tiny photo of my head. :)

Hi I'm Corey Stone, creator of Cheermoji, MixPlay, HERO Keyboard, and former @KUcheer coach. If you have any suggestions, ideas of cheer stuff you'd like me to make, or if you just need to vent, email me at or post them at the Cheermoji Brain Trust Facebook Group. Thanks!